6 5/8" Metal Seed Depth Indicator

6 5/8" Metal Seed Depth Indicator


Seed depth tools now made using 14 GAUGE STEEL for increased strength at the same great price!

Sales Features:
 This one of a kind seed depth indicator is made from a heavy 14 gauge steel and will virtually last forever. The tool is powder coated and can be imprinted with 4cp on both sides. Every farmer needs a seed depth indicator for measuring the growth of the plant or depth of seed in the soil.


NOTE: The Bottle Opener Seed Depth Indicators now come in matte white finish or metallic glossy flake (sparkle) finish

  • Pricing Info


    Item           Size              50        150      250       500      1000       2500

    I-SDI       6 5/8" x 1"      3.49      3.25     2.99      2.85      2.49        2.29    (RRRRSS)

    I-SDIM    6 5/8" x 1"      3.49      3.25     2.99      2.85      2.49        2.29    (RRRRSS)

    (I-SDIM has a matte finish, I-SDI has a metallic glossy flake (sparkle) finish.)