Camo License Plate Frame

Camo License Plate Frame


Sales Features: Powder coated metal license plate frame with metallic glitter and 4cp camo imprint.  This beautiful frame is one of a kind with it's durable finish and imprint capabilities. If you want a high end license plate frame for a high end car or dealership, this is it!

NOTE: Metallic glitter (sparkle) on the license plate frames. This glitter is part of the powder coating process.

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    US Pricing

    Item                 50          150        250         500        1000
    C-FRAME         7.99         7.75         7.49          7.25         6.99    (5R)    


    Canadian Pricing

    Item                 50         150        250         500        1000
    C-FRAME       9.99         9.75        9.49         9.25          8.99    (5C)         

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