Divot Tool Bottle Opener

Divot Tool Bottle Opener


Sales Features: Powder coated metal golf divot tool with bottle opener.  Both sides are fully customizable in 4cp. Perfect giveaway for the corporate golf tournament.

NOTE: Metallic glitter (sparkle) on these items. This glitter is part of the powder coating process.

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    US Pricing

    Item                 50         150         250         500        1000  

    G-DTBO          4.49         3.99         3.75         3.49         2.99      (5R)


    Canadian Pricing

    Item             50           150          250         500       1000  
    G-DTBO        4.99         4.49         4.25         3.99         3.49      (5C)

  • Product Info

    Product: Powder coated metal divot tool with bottle opener.

    Colors: Price includes full color digital imaging on both sides

    Setups: $40(v) setup/design, $25(v) for re-orders