Lure Bottle Opener Key Chain

Lure Bottle Opener Key Chain


Sales Features: Powder coated lure bottle opener keychain. Has full 4 color digital imprint on both sides. Each lure bottle opener keychain is powder coated for an indestructible finish. Customize both sides of the lure however you wish. Design it yourself own or let us design for you! 


NOTE: Metallic glitter (sparkle) on these items. This glitter is part of the powder coating process.

  • Pricing Info

    US Pricing

    Item          Weight        50        150       250       500       1000 
    F-BOKC     1 1/4oz        3.75       3.49       3.25       2.99        2.75    (5R)


    Canadian Pricing

    Item          Weight        50        150        250      500       1000 
         1 1/4oz        4.25       3.99       3.75       3.49        3.25    (5C)

  • Product Info

    Product: Powder coated lure bottle opener keychain