Pelican Rain Gauge

Pelican Rain Gauge


Sales Features: This one of a kind rain gauge is made from a heavy 18 gauge steel and will virtually last forever. The gauge is powder coated and can be imprinted with 4cp on both sides. Every farmer or gardener needs a rain gauge to measure the amount of rain fall at different sides of the crop field. Each metal rain gauge is individually imprinted with your company name, logo, phone number, email or fax number.  Next time a farmer needs supplies he'll know who to call!


NOTE: Metallic glitter (sparkle) on ALL Rain Gauges. This glitter is part of the powder coating process.

  • Pricing Info

    US Pricing

    Item         Size        25       100      250     500     1000    2500
    I-RG      6.5" x 4"     8.99     7.99     7.75      7.49     7.25      6.99     (6R)


    Canadian Pricing

    Item         Size          25       100      250      500     1000     2500
    I-RG       6.5" x 4"    9.99       8.99     8.85      8.75