The Farmer's Seed Scoop

The Farmer's Seed Scoop


Sales Features: This heavy duty 42" plastic seed scoop comes fully decorated in full color process vinyl and a 4" wide white scoop. This is a perfect tool for manual seed sampling anyone in agriculture or horticulture.


When manual stream sampling with a hand scoop off the top of a belt, insert the sampling tool into the stream at an alternate point across the stream (left, middle, right) for each sampling action. The scoop should be placed into the flow of product “upstream” and matching the belt speed, moved “downstream”, as the scoop is turned to fill with grain. Moving the scoop with the flow allows sampling of the appropriate location on the belt without splashing product or overflowing the scoop.


When manual stream sampling free-flowing product, the scoop should be placed in to the flow of product upside down, then rotated 180 degrees to fill, and then pulled out of the product flow.


Stream sampling bulk grain into containers

The sampling frequency is determined by the how much time is needed to load the grain and the lot size. The Grain Commission requires a minimum of 5 primary samples per 20 tonne container, collected systematically at evenly spaced timed intervals (at least one primary sample every 4 metric tonnes). If a larger composite sample is required, reduce the interval between primary sample collections throughout the entire loading process.

  • Pricing Info


    Item              Size         50       100       250      500      1000
    I-SCOOP    42" x 1"    23.99    23.49    22.99    22.49     21.99    (5R)


    Canadian  PRICING:

    Item              Size         50       100        250       500      1000
    I-SCOOP    42" x 1"    29.99    29.49     28.99    28.49     27.99   (5C)

  • Product Info

    Product: Plastic 42" seed scoop with full colour decal

    Colors/Imprint: Full colour wrap vinyl decal

    Setups: $50(v) setup/design charge on all orders, $25(v) for re-orders

    Artwork: Vector artwork required

    Delivery:  7 -10 business days

    Minimum Quantity: 50 pcs

    Packaging:  Bulk packaging

    Weight: 25lbs per 25 pcs  (carton is 48 x 12 x 8)