Weedless Fishing Lures

Weedless Fishing Lures


Sales Features: Powder coated Weedless casting spoon with a silver hook and weed guard. Imprinted on both sides in 4cp and packaged in a clear zip-lock bag. These lures are weighted perfectly to cast or troll for those monster Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout

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    Canadian & US Pricing

    Item            Length    Weight     50       150       250      500      1000
    F-WEEDL3     2 7/8"     3/4oz      5.49       5.25      4.99      4.49      3.99    
    F-WEEDL2     2 3/8"     1/2oz      5.49       5.25      4.99      4.49      3.99    (5R)

  • Product Info


    Product: Powder coated weedless casting spoon with premium silver hook and weed guard

    Colors: Full 4-color digital imprint on both sides