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Pelican Story

Pelican Graphics specializes in dye-sublimation printing. The majority of our products are imprinted through dye-sublimation technology which allows for full color digital images to be directly transferred onto our products.  Pelican Graphics thrives on bringing new and creative products to the Canadian and American promotional markets. With NAFTA friendly products and economical shipping methods, we are able to supply the North American markets with innovative ideas, full color imaging, durable finishes and never before seen products! We are excited to offer you our new line-up of customized promotional products for every occasion.  



  • build strong relations with our distributors;

  • expand our product line to meet your needs;

  • manufacture quality products in a timely fashion;

  • serve you, our customers, quickly and professionally.

We began with a single product and likely our most famous product, the “Pelican Lure”.  Pelican Lures are casting spoons manufactured in a way most people in the industry would say is impossible. We are able to imprint full color digital images on both the front and back of the entire fishing lure. The front and back side of the lures can have similar or different imaging in as many colors as possible. We have 8-color printing capabilities used in high quality photography and art printing. We use this printing on all of our dye-sublimation products, including the "Pelican Lure".

With this technology and understanding of the industry, we felt the fishing tackle market was due for a change. The majority of fishing retailers had never heard of dye-sublimation technology, but were very excited because we could offer something different than the standard red/white nickel plated product they have selling for the past 100 years. 

From here, a friend of the President was interested in making some custom fishing lures for his own company promotion. We thought the idea was interesting, so we fulfilled his desire and made our first batch of custom fishing lures. This opened up our horizon to a much larger market, the Promotional Products Industry.

As a result, our business focus shifted toward supplying distributors with custom fishing lures. For the past two years we have been adapting to the industry and learning from both
suppliers but more importantly customers who have helped us build our product line and network to where it is today.

Presently, we have over 150 product skus in 8 major categories with the majority using the same full color digital technology we initially used on the fishing lures. We feel our products meet a niche in the market so refresh yourself and your customers with something new and different. We are confident you will see a product or two in our catalogue that you have never seen or heard of before!

Our head office and manufacturing facility is located in Winnipeg, MB but we also have an American arm in Northern Minnesota where some of our product is manufactured. We can ship from both locations to serve American and Canadian customers.

In closing, we look forward to meeting and doing business with you in the near future. Also, if there is a product you are interested in, which is not in our catalogue feel free to give us a call. We will do our very best to find it and offer you a competitive quote.

Please browse through the product categories on the left hand side. If you are interested in something not shown on our website, please contact us as we have access to many alternative forms of dye-sublimation. In the coming year, we will be developing a brand new line of apparel products and further expanding on our current line.

We hope you enjoy the site. Have a great year!


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